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WWYD, selling something on Craigslist....

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Ok, we have a heater that we don't need and I put it on Craigslist, someone contacted me yesterday and wanted to know if I ever come to Indianapolis, I said no and they said


Ok well there is another person whom I was speaking with in xx so though I am interested perhaps a day or so from now I might contact you in-regards to the item,. Do you have a tel # to be reached>?


I e-mailed them back and gave them my number, in the meantime, someone else wanted it and I told them it was available and to let me know a good time to come, and I e-mailed the first person and said that it was sold. They just responded and said:

Full ViewRe: Heater








I was planing on a trip to xx tommorow, so if it does not go through send me an email I def want it.IT was just that I wanted to pick up the items at the same time. SO if you would rather take 35 for it I could offer $35?


Ok, so now what do I do? Just keep it with the person that I said I would sell it to? That seems like the safest bet....



I'm thinking....

It's only $5, not a huge deal, just go with the 2nd person?



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I would sell it to the first person who came with cash in hand, but make sure they are both aware of that so that the guy doesn't drive from Indy to find that it's already gone when he was expecting you to hold it for him.


I had a friend who had a person call her from an hour away saying that he was coming to buy an item and in the mean time someone local came over, paid and picked it up. Needless to say, the guy who drove the hour for the item was angry (rightfully so, IMO). She ended up calling the police because he was standing outside her door screaming profanities at her.

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Unless the person is already on their way or you have agreed to a pick up time -- I say it is still up for grabs. We sold an old wooden play set once -- a lady called and said she was interested, but she had to check with her husband -- that was it. She called the next day to tell us she wanted it and we told her it had already sold. She FREAKED out -- said it was HERS and yelled at my poor husband. We have encountered some real nuts selling through Craigslist!

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I just wanted to say that coming from out of town isn't always a bad sign. We live in Fayetteville, NC and sometimes I check the Raleigh, NC Craigslist because typically I find nicer items from that area. So, if I know we have a doctor's appointment in the area or if I am planning a Whole Foods trip (Fay. doesn't have one), then I will check the Raleigh Craigslist. Just wanted to throw that out there. But still, I would give to first with cash in hand. I have had people hold for me, when they knew I was coming the next day, but I always provided contact information. Since I was making a day out of it, it just made more sense for me to try to orchestrate all my pick-ups for that day.

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