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I need a hive diagnosis

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The weather here has been crazy--I read an article the other day that said we've jumped from the 27th worst place to live for allergies to #13, so I'm pretty sure it's just allergies, but...


it's gotten to the point that I can't hardly move. I've been (mostly) in bed since Sat eve, & I don't do that. ever. The very sickest I've ever been, I might lay on the sofa & complain about how BORING being sick is. Working sudoku is a real last resort for me. And I've been doing *nothing.*


Last week, I couldn't sleep for several nights because my neck & back hurt so much. Normally, I'd have just stayed up poking around on the computer, cleaning house, whatever. But it hurt too much, & I just laid there. A couple of nights I resorted to PM Tylenol or Benadryl, which I usually avoid like the plague because then I'm tired for days. Even that didn't help me sleep.


I'm sleeping now, more or less, w/ the pain or allergy meds, but my back & neck have gotten so much worse that I can't move. I mean, it hurts to sit down or get up, I've got a crick in my neck, I can't turn either direction. Like complete atrophy. And I'm exhausted, but I guess that figures w/ the sleep disruptions. Still, it seems like a different kind of exhaustion, if that makes sense.


No fever, though, or anything tangible to measure.


Here's the thing--I don't have ins. I can go to the campus dr for a reasonable price, but if I don't already know what's wrong (& sometimes even if I do), I get nothing. I mean, a couple of yrs ago I was so sick & coughing so hard I broke a rib, & he told me it was allergies & prescribed *nothing.* :lol: So I don't really want to go in (esp w/ Swine Flu going around) if a) I don't really need to & b) I don't have a reasonable idea of what's wrong.


What do you think?

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If my biggest complaint was a stiff neck, I'd see a chiropractor. I've had some awful cricks in my neck and that was the only way I felt better. Recently I felt horrible from allergies. My nose ran, sneezing, watery eyes so bad it was hard to see, itchy mouth and ears. Allergy medicine didn't help much. I took some big doses of vitamin C--three 500 mg pills three times a day for a couple of days in a row--and finally got some relief.

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Aubrey, is the back & neck thing new or is this something you've had in the past? For instance, I had a whiplash injury ages ago & my neck reminds me quite regularly. I also have a problem with my pelvis so I get lower back pain. If you have something similar, I would not be as concerned.....


Is it just the back & neck? Do you have sinus issues too? Sore throat? Headache (well, I'm guessing yes if your neck hurts like this...) Can you get yourself to a massage therapist? Or maybe a hot tub? Does the local pool have a hot tub you could go use & massage your back with the jets?


If you think the muscles have just seized up from cramping, then something like robaxacet should help.


As far as viral infections:

meningitis - but I think that almost always has fever.

Mono I think can occasionally present without fever.

H1N1 often does not have fever associated with it.

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