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How do you use McGraw Hill Science?


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We're using Real Science-4-Kids Biology this year, but it just isn't meaty enough. I've bought McGraw Hill Science books 4 and 5. How do you use them? Are there tests available?


I see that each lesson includes several items including vocabulary, explore activity, read to learn, process skill builder, lesson review, and the math/literature/writing/technology links. How do you work these items in your daily science lesson?

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I bought Calvert School grade 4 and liked the McGraw Hill science textbook and stuck with them for grades 4-6 for both dc. I didn't buy Calvert gr. 5 only the Calvert Test Series 5 and used the tests in that for science only. We read a section aloud, along with the vocabulary every few days & then used the tests. I did buy the whole Calvert 6 and just followed the schedule in the LM.


Calvert School doesn't use that book exactly but it's similar (updated version). You could look for used Calvert Test series.


I still have the McGraw Hill science grade 5 book and tests if anyone wants to buy them from me (cheap).

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