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Waiting and in need of some ideas for making these days as lovely as they should be..

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I'm not due until the 25th, but ds3 was born three weeks early and so I've been ready for two weeks now......


My life is good--DH is home, the kids are terrific, etc.--but I've had the blues for a couple of days. It's just the waiting, I think.


So I'm looking for some suggestions of things to do/thoughts to consider/ways to regroup etc. so I can focus on the good stuff. I basically just need recentering, but I keep running the same frustrated sound track in my head.



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What's the sound track saying? I was overdue with every child so :grouphug: Do what you enjoy most and don't worry about the other things that you really don't want to do because you won't do them well now anyway. I loved to read sappy fiction and look through homeschool catalogs at the end of my pregnancies. There were no blogs then or I would have done that too. You know what you probably need----a schedule so you aren't wondering what to do. Have you made up and frozen any meals yet? What about crocheting a blanket for the baby or some other craft activity that you've wanted to do, but didn't have time?

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