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Need advice on 8th grade ds

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I'm really struggling w/ds right now. We joined a Classical Conversations Challenge A group this year, so he has a tutor and class that he goes to once a week. It's been a great thing because it has shown me how far he has to go in learning time and project management as well as giving him another adult to be accountable to. However, he is really floundering. He is doing Saxon Algebra 1/2, making countless careless errors resulting in spending twice the time in math. In writing, he is very wordy on his papers and just wants to get the assignment over with, he doesn't care about doing his best work. Now, on the one hand, I actually do understand because I was just like him as a kid and it's only by the grace of God that I'm a responsible adult now. But what I'd like to know is how can I help him? Right now, I'm basically holding his hand, critiquing his writing assignments, giving advice to fix this, fix that, etc. I help him pack his backpack on group days so he won't forget anything, remind him endlessly to do this project or don't forget to do that, it just goes on and on and on. Meanwhile, I do have 4 other children to take care of and 3 others to teach as well as right now, one is actually sick. Ds is at a scout meeting and when he gets home, he'll be working on a science paper, a writing assignment, and preparing for a presentation. He has been working on schoolwork since 7:30 this morning.


I don't know, I'm too tired to go back and proofread this post. I suspect it's rambly but I hope the gist is clear. How do I help him? Should I help him? Or do I let him fail and hopefully learn the hard way??

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I think I would differantiate the two types of help. I think 8th graders may need a lot of help with writing assignments. You're stepping up the game getting him ready for highschool. My son needed lots of hand holding in writing. But, eventually he did say he could do on his own.


However, he shoud be able to keep track of his assignments and packing his supplies. Help him to write a list of supplies. Make it his responsibliity. Then , while he's learning I might give him one reminder to check his list to make sure he has everything. If he forgets stuff, he will have to take the consequences.

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