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Dinah Zike's Big Book of Science


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I own the K-6 book, but wanted to offer some help, so take this with a grain of salt. :)


The first pages that you mentioned describe how to make the different types of folds, along with pictures of completed presentation ideas. For example, it walks you through making a matchbook fold, then at the bottom of the page, it has already made examples of how to apply that fold in presenting information learned. It shows an example comparing biodegradable paper products to biodegradable cleaning products using a matchbook fold. There are also several more examples of how a matchbook fold can be used. Those are the pages that you say you are missing.


Most of the folds can be learned from google searches but I have found the examples on the bottom to be very inspirational in how I want my dc to present the information they have learned.


I use any book that we are using to study the topic at the current time. Last year we went through Apologia's Astronomy book. Some days, instead of having her write a narration, I would go to the page that held the topic we were studying- for example, Asteroids. On that page, I would pick an activity suggestion that correlated to what she had learned in the book, used the examples given on the page for inspiration, had her make a foldable accordingly, then put that in her notebook instead of the standard WTM narration/illustration. :)


Other times, if there was a short topic I wanted to study, I would go to the page with that topic and use their activity suggestions as short research ideas, have dd look up the answers in any book we had available (usually library books on that topic) and guided her in making an appropriate foldable.


I'm not sure if this is how everyone uses the book, but this is how we have used it and and we're thoroughly enjoying the ideas. I like that dd has a way of presenting what she has learned in a thoughtful and hands-on manner, and she appreciates not having to narrate everything she reads. ;)


HTH a bit. :)

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