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Winston grammar questions


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My son's reading tutor is using the Scottish Rite program called Take Flight. He is now in the 3rd level and grammar is introduced. The grammar being used is Winston Grammar. When he finishes next summer I would like to pick up where he ends but unfortunately I can't just pick up where she ends because of the way it is integrated. Is there a placement test for Winston that anyone knows of? I looked at the wbsite but didn't find it.


Thanks so much!

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Winston Grammar Placement Tests


The tests just let you know if your student should do the "Basic" program or if they're ready for the "Advanced" level, I think. I'm assuming that your son's tutor is using the "Basic" level with him, so if he completes that this year, maybe you could pick up with "Advanced"?


(We have Basic here and have just begun with it recently)

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