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Christopher Klicka just passed away . . .

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I know that not everyone supports HSLDA, but for those who are interested, I thought I'd let you know that Christopher Klicka just passed away. Since we haven't homeschooled in over a year (although we may next year, with our middle daughter) we dropped our membership.


I read one of his books prior to homeschooling, and it was helpful in steering us in that direction. I met him once at a homeschooling convention; he answered my questions with great kindness and interest.


Christopher Klicka has struggled with MS for quite some time now; he just passed away in hospice care.


I think this is the right website if anyone is interested in reading the story further.


Requiescat in pacem.

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No matter your opinion on HSLDA, your heart just has to ache for a family that loses their father/husband. I had no clue who he was before it was posted on so many of the boards/email groups that I'm on that he was sick and I went to read his story. I'm glad for the children's sake that they were all able to be there....a few days ago there was concern over whether one or more of them would make it in time, and it appears they did.


May their father rest in peace, and may they find peace to go on with their lives without his presence.

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