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Cub Scout Bottle Rocket-- hints/tips?

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The big tip is to use duct tape - lots of duct tape - to attach the three fins. And make those fins as perfectly vertical (in line with the bottle) as possible.


Also, we saw a cool one at a scout event last weekend. A scout used a combo 2-liter bottle and a 20-oz pop bottle. He put a hole in the bottom of the 20-oz bottle to fit over the neck of the 2-liter and duct taped them together really, really well to seal the connection. A 2-stage rocket if you will....


Good luck, such fun!

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DD made fins out of foam coreboard rather than cardboard when she did it (for 4-H, not boy scouts, LOL ;))- much more stable & harder to damage.


And second the suggestion for lots of duct tape and keeping fins aligned.


Dd didn't make a fancy nose cone, but included counter weights on the nose for stability.


Have fun!

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