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Spark flew out of electrical outlet when plugging in fan!!!???

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We had that happen with one of our outlets. I replaced the outlet and the lamp works just fine. My boys found the whole thing quite entertaining and talked about it for days.


Oooh, Science experiment & Home Improvement in one fell swoop. :D

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We had that happen, only the outlet (or the plug) actually caught on fire. I am so glad that dh was there in his study because the outlet was actually set into a bookcase full of books. It could have been really bad.


In our case, when we examined the cord it looked like there might have been damage on the cord first, but then again, the cord's insulation might have melted in the fire. When we examined the outlet, it was charred so it could have been a short in the outlet too. So we did not hesitate to replace both the fan/heater and the actual outlet. Better safe than sorry, I say!

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