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I'm going to have the best week!

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Mil is here (coming in just a few minutes!) for the week--we are going to church tomorrow (hubby preaching, and his Sunday School class starts--Living With a Disfunctional Church--a study of Corinthians--perfect for us Episco's) and then we are headed to our house in the Northern Neck of VA. On the way we'll go see Ds20 at VCU in Richmond, and the next day we are going to Jamestown for the day.


Tuesday is my ds17's graduation from rehab, a truly joyful occasion (he's home, but they will have a ceremony that's official). Thursday, my mil will play with my dd all day while I work, then we'll celebrate that same son's 18th birthday! What a blessing.


Friday we're going to Ikea--she loves the candles. Sat, she leaves for PA to visit friends, then she'll be back two nights til Tues.


I just love having her around. The house got cleaner, too...always a bonus!

How does YOUR week look?

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What a wonderful week! I love hearing about good MILs. Congrats to your ds and happy birthday!!


I'm sure my dh would love to see an outline of your dh's class! Sounds like it would work at our church too!


Our week last week was wonderful! The owner of the Grand Hotel (5 star hotel - look it up - it's AWESOME!!!) on Mackinac Island is an Episcopalian. They offer the hotel to all Michigan Episcopal clergy at a VERY cheap rate for a couple nights every other October. We went last week. I always come back from Mackinac totally refreshed. It's such a relaxing vacation!!! Horseback riding, bike riding, butterfly house, lots of walks, formal dinners, dancing with live band, etc, etc, etc. This week will be hard getting back into the swing of things!!

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