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Adapted classics recommendations

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I have always preferred dc read original literature whenever possible, but ds7 just finished an adapted version of Tom Sawyer with more relish and excitement than he's ever read a book! He insisted we rush out this morning and find Huckleberry Finn, and who am I to stand in the way of his reading. He's the child who doesn't gobble up books like his sister, so I want to encourage this.


I know there are several different classics series for children. We've read the Great Illustrated Classics, and he got Classic Starts this morning. Which series have you found to be the best and closest to the original versions? Does SWB have a recommendation?

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Well, I don't have a series recommendation, but I'm loving Don Quixote retold by Martin Jenkins and illustrated by Chris Riddell (who illustrated The Castle Diary which I love). It is a hefty book, but there are *hilarious* illustrations on each page. I'm looking forward to checking out the author's retelling of Jonathon Swift's Gulliver, as well.

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