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Does anyone have the Canon MP530 all-in-one printer?

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and I don't really like it. I have tried to change the settings because my copies come out really light but no matter what I do they are still light. I bought this one because our old printer had the cartridges together and when one need to be changed they all did. Even though this one has separated colors it seems to run out of ink pretty fast. I don't know enough about printers to give you any real advice, just my opinion- I don't like it.

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We bought the MP830 last January (without doing any research) and it really does drink ink...I can not believe how many times I've bought ink in the past year. At least 4, maybe more -- black ink is $18, and color 4 pack is $50? $70? Expensive at Staples, anyway... And I always print in fast draft mode.

I wish it would break.:eek:

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We have the 530, I don't tend to make a lot of color copies, so I can't help there. I make lots of black and white copies, I've never had a copier to compare, but I feel like I got enough copies out of the black ink cartridge to justify it. It's easy to use, I like having a fax machine, and I like having separate ink cartridges to replace instead of an all-in-one.


I might be in the minority, but I like mine, a lot!

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