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Anybody here either have or know a Llewellin Setter?

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I've been longing for a dog for about three years now. We decided against a dog back then and had a baby instead ;) Now our baby is two years old and absolutely loves dogs. She's also gently for her age. Ds really digs dogs too and can't wait to have an active companion to do things with. Dh and I would like to bike with the dog (bike extension), go on hikes and canoeing. We had a Sheltie years ago and she would get tired on our trips.


I researched a lot in these past three years and know I do want a Llewellin Setter. Since they are not especially popular with anyone but bird hunters, I wanted to see if anyone here on the Hive knows or owns a Llewellin Setter. I've interviewed some of the breeder's customers, and I know I picked a reputable, responsible breeder. I was just curious to see any stories or peculiarities (e.g. Basset Hounds love to steal food).


We won't have our puppy until Spring next year, so ds will be six and a half and dd will be almost three.



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I have one. Darwin is from rescue as I'm a 'don't breed or buy while shelter & rescue animals die' girl.


Honestly, if I were getting from a reputable breeder, I would probably go for a laverack for a pet & companion. Llewellins tend to be very wired. They will love to bike with you but odds are you will not be able to let it offleash for a long time & you'll need to use a bike springer. Darwin loves our springer but he runs faster than I'm comfortable biking :D


Laveracks are rarely found in rescue so I knew odds were that I'd be getting a llewellin.... but I got a an almost 6yo who is technically mellowed out a bit. That said, I've had him for almost 1/2 a year & I've still not let him offleash in an unfenced area ---- and my other dog is a malamute cross, and I've fostered northern breed mixes before which are notorious for having crappy recalls. I train recall very diligently & I'm hoping next summer he'll be ready to go offleash.... There's a reason most hunter use electric collars (which I refuse to use) on these guys; and there's a reason many of them end up strays - they just run away, the silly dorks.


Mine is very sweet, very affectionate indoors, very mellow indoors, but totally loses his brain outside.


I was just out with a couple friends a few days ago & one of them has blogged our outing with photos. My boy is the black & white one named Darwin & you can see him on a long lunge line. He spent th entire time running around in circles on the 30foot horse lunge line.



(you can also see Daisy, my malamute cross & my friend's yoda dog Zyra, as well as my old foster maremma Baby aka PB)

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Oh, the dogs are gorgeous! Thanks for the pics! :D Your Llew sounds like my ds, except for the mellow indoors part -- :tongue_smilie: :lol: We have room for exercise, and we live in an area with lots of parks, including a dog park half an hour away and a state park ten minutes away. Thanks for the suggestions! :) It's always nice to hear about them. Energy is the one thing I do keep hearing consistently. Mellow indoors and crazy outdoors sounds great to us. We don't want all the hair that Laveracks have. Plus they're bigger. We live in a hot part of the country. I'm also choosing from a reputable breeder who socializes her pups extensively as I have children and don't want to take a chance. When growing up my mom used to get shelter dogs exclusively and they were hit or miss when it came to temperament and fearfulness and trauma, but living outside was not too big of a problem. This new member of our family will be indoors and a family dog. I do want to support responsible, reputable breeders. I believe if everybody would support responsible breeders instead of buying from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills/stores there wouldn't be such a big problem. I would get a dog from a shelter if my kids were teenagers and/or we were on our own. My breeder even takes dogs back in case of foreclosures, etc.

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