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Math question for those who have the newest WTM

smalltown mom

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yes it is--


The program has become popular here in large part because of the high scores earned by Singapore's children on international math tests. Singapore Math is also attractive because its focus on teaching mathematical thinking from the very beginning; "mental math" puzzles are assigned as soon as children learn to count. Because the goal of the Singapore program is to produce an understanding of the way mathematical process works, skills are introduced differently than in American programs.




Singapore is not as concrete and fact oriented as Saxon, A Beka, or Math-U-See. Many children flourish with it, but others need a less abstract approach in the early years.

There is more, but I thought those were the highlights.


I was told to use it when I first started homeschooling, but I am not stong in math and I was afraid to. Then I read OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell and he went into WHY the Asian countries are better at math than we are-they think about it differently. It's a whole paradigm change compared to the way we are taught in the US. Then on a loop I lurk on I read about a mom wo had graduated gifted math kids (who went to engineering schools) and she went on to say that she was starting her youngers with Singapore. So, I bought it and I'm thrilled. I'm also KICKING myself for being afraid of buying it before. I think if I were taught this way I never would ahve had so many problems in math.

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