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ISO Dog Boarding advice!

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Hey folks -


Well, a good kind friend of our (hi!!! she reads the boards!!!:001_smile:) has agreed to take our sweet but frisky 6 month old wonder-puppy (half Golden/half Lab) for Thanksgiving while we go north to visit family.


Puppy has stayed with other friends - mostly inside, which is what she's used to. For T-day, puppy will be staying with these friends (actually, with her mom! these are the friends we got her from), and they keep their dogs outside (they have 3). They have LOTS of property, room for dogs to roam. However, their neighbors have chickens, and I'd hate it if our puppy wandered over to "play" with the chickens. :tongue_smilie:


So - what would you say is the best arrangement?


Should we bring puppy over before we leave her? Do a "puppy play date" to make sure this is going to work?


Bring her crate? She sleeps in it every night here, but I'm wondering if she'd be just as happy curling up with the other dogs.


Keep her on a tie-out? She hates them at home . . . . . .


It's either stay with these dear friends or board her at the vet. I'm thinking this is a much better option, just wondering if anyone has anything to chime in to make it work for our puppy.



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the best I can say is, yes take the crate. It's her space. She may enjoy curling up with the other dogs, but she is used to her space, I would keep her space available to her.


About the land and the chickens - is the yard fenced? If it were fenced, I don't think it would be a problem. I would take her over for a play date ahead of time if possible. There may be dog issues that need to be worked out as well.


If at all possible, I would not board at the vet's. What I've seen around here doesn't give them much room. It's basically a crate, not even a run. It's the same reason I won't board at Petsmart. It's a not a crate, but it's not a run either. The place we board has a run and they have free access to the outside, at least during daylight hours. Right now we have a dog sitter who loves dogs! She comes over a few times a day and walks and plays with our dogs. She would play with the cat too, but the cat won't show her face to anyone but us.

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If you are considering other options, you are smart to be looking now. Most boarding places here fill up for the holidays in the summer. My first thought would be to see if the dogs all still got along. That would be my main concern at first. My dog stayed with friends, outside, and did fine. Afterwards we did notice she wanted out more than she had before though. Not a big deal. The only other place we would board was one with outside play areas. She had her own kennel space with her crate and they rotated them thru outside pens all day for plenty of exercise.

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