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Recommendations for 3 yr old boy bday gift ...

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My son has enjoyed the play kitchen (SIL managed to find a red and silver one, not that my 3yo would have minded the usual pastel) and fake food he got on his third birthday. Still plays with it regularly 8 months later although he recently started asking for a grill, complete with fire, to cook his fake food with. The kitchen can make noise IF you put batteries in it but doesn't require them by any means.

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My 6yo loved the Imaginext toys by Fisher Price at that age and he still loves them! It's a good value because they've lasted so long. Some of the toys do have batteries but we have removed them at his request (so he can play with them in the same room older brother is working on school). They are just as fun and have lots of imaginative play. The safari and castle sets are his favorite.

Happy birthday!

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I'd suggest Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, including a few of the DVDs if your little guy isn't familiar with the characters. My ds also loved his Kettler pedal car and his Kettler tricycle, too, but he really loved that pedal car! You might want to have him try one in a toy store before buying, though, as he may or may not be tall enough for a pedal car yet. Also, be sure to get one that adjusts in size as he gets older and taller.



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My littles loved this game:




We love Playmobil:



A well made little drum? I love everything in this catalog.



These are gorgeous:



Art supplies? A box of nice paper, pretty water colors, some glue sticks..

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Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railroad set...we started at age 2 and it was an ongoing gift idea for the next 8 years. Perfect for everyone as there are all sorts of price points from the cars to the tracks and buildings etc. It made Christmas, birthdays and other gift occasions much easier for grandparents, aunts, etc who need gift ideas.

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My youngest will turn 3 in November...and he is getting some new Thomas trains, a Thomas cup, a couple Thomas books, a Thomas outfit, and the new Thomas movie (Hero of the Rails). He loves Thomas the train, needless to say!


Other ideas:

Wooden puzzle of his name or a name puzzle stool



Art box...a nice box filled with art supplies and paper.


Puzzles and beginning board games.

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