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K'er book on how plants grow?


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I'm looking for a book (or a few picture books would be find) that will go over how plants grow, roots, seeds, etc. I'd love a book that gently explains the need for sunlight, water, etc. DD keeps picking flowers, planting them back in dirt, drowning them and then getting mad at me when they die (b/c I should have watered them). I'm not looking for a curricum just books to facilitate discussions with pictures and maybe a few simple ideas on activities (although I can probably make up my own).



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I like the Let's Read and Find Out book on seeds too (How a Seed Grows), and we are slowly working through Seed Babies. I think for a fast read, she'd get a lot out of How a Seed Grows.


Also something like "What's alive?", which does deal with death, also covers things that relate to how plants grow. Might be an interesting other read. There's also "From Seed to Pumpkin." These two (alive and pumpkin) are Let's Read and Find Out books. All of them have little activities at the back. How a Seed Grows is about a bean. Seed Babies is about many seeds. (It's actually part of a series that works its way up to humans, which is quite a brilliant idea, as far as I'm concerned.)

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