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Possum post is up

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WOW! What is wrong with that possum?? It's like he missed the memo on possum behavior. :001_huh:


Reminds me of a conversation my husband had with our local humane society when he called about a possum in the garage. I heard him on the phone, describing this critter, who was sleeping in a cabinet, then I heard him say "Shoot it?!?!... oh, ok... really?" Apparently the lady said "Shoo it," as in, with a broom. He did, and it left, though somewhat reluctantly.


That growling is just crazy, though!

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I had a 'possum caught in a rabbit trap once. I opened the door and he didn't move. I poked him with a stick and he started hissing at me and baring his teeth. I jumped back in the house, all afeared. He slowly removed himself from the cage (it took like ten whole mintues).


I told my husband about it when he came home that night. He laughed at me, repeatedly. He said the 'possum was just threatened, but their 'bark' is worse than their bite. He said that he's played with 'possums since he was a boy and he's never had one bite him, even when they were growling like that.


Although we did encounter a rabid 'possum once. Hubby knew right away somethin' was wrong with him. The dog killed it.


I love the chickens clucking in the background.

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That was just creepy. Great sound effects for a scary movie.


It's a good thing that you were carrying around a video camera......:confused:. Do you always carry a camera with you when you go to the chicken coop? LOL. Maybe you ought to have a phone installed in the coop next to the freezer for any future emergencies.:D

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They love to come up on the back deck and eat Kitty's food and sleep in his bed. In winter, he sleeps in a small box insulated with foam rubber cushions and covered by a makeshift curtain to keep drafts out. I put a warmer in it on cold nights, so the possums get in to get warm before Kitty goes to bed! It freaked me out one time last winter when I pulled back the curtain to put in a warmer and there was a possum hissing and growling at me!!!

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