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Galore Park Junior History 1


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I think I did 1-3 in a year. I actually can't remember if there were 2 or 3 books!


I would think it depends on a lot of things, on how long it would take.


I didn't do any writing with my kids, we just answered questions orally and made things up. I LOVED these books, they were a very nice compliment to everything else we have ever done in the ancients-middle ages. But I don't think it is possible to make it last a year, unless it is used as a compliment to another history... even just reading books.


But then again, I have been able to make things that should take a few weeks last years, so what do I know! :D


They were really great... IMHO.


One of the sets of books that I won't sell. However, I didn't like the next level up (So you really want to learn History).

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All British, which is fine if I were going full on bore with British history, but also it lacks the whimsical quality of the Junior History books.


I wish that there were a full set of books, all in the same style and format of the Junior books, from ancient through modern. My kids and I would gobble them up from tip to top.


Much in the same way that US books have colored pictures in books, then as the grade level moves higher... those begin to disappear until there are all business and no fun, whimsy or joy. I wish they would just keep those things in there. My opinion. Why do you think kids like comic books?

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Ah ... I see ..


May be we should switch to Horrible Books ...:001_smile:


Anyway, what do you do for later grades ? I like the depth of the question and the fact that it includes snippets of primary sources. I guess I want the easy way ... My son is at 2nd grade, so I have two more years to figure this out, but please let me know your plan to replace the SYWTLH if you have any.


I'm looking for a secular history course....

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