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Sick! How to fix schedule

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Ok we are all very sick! I dont even have a voice right now. It is Wednesday and from the looks of it we will probably miss all week. How do I fix this in our schedule of schoolwork? Do we just finish a week later than planned? Should we play catch up to get back on track? I hate the flu! It has totally derailed us!

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Oh, ugh! I hope you all feel better soon!


When we have something like that, I look at how much we've missed and either a) just do a few rounds of double lessons / weekend catch-up (if it's only a couple of days or b) give it up and start the next week where we left off (if it's a while week or so).

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I automatically plan a 42 week year. My kids prefer the routine of school so those 6 extra weeks are light weeks with just latin review, spelling work and any trouble spots that need attention. Plus we can do the entire STOW book with one chapter a week. We're all sick this week too but it won't make much of a difference as we will just have one less light week at the end of the year.

HTH and feel better soon!

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