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Family game suggestions?

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I'd like to buy the boys some games we could play together as a family for the holidays, and would like to know what you think are good choices.


We already have Monopoly Jr., Clue Jr., No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Uno, and Scrabble.




Not necessarily educational, but we enjoy Apples to Apples and the dc *really* enjoy Would You Rather (the version for kids, of course ;)). Both can be incredibly fun!

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Parcheesi is a great game. Esp when you don't want to hand your whole evening over to a game. We are also Trouble fans when we want a qucikie. ;)


When you want to spend more time playing...Settlers of Catan works. Team Scrabble, too. Clue is middly. Candy Land is a quick fix for littles. :D

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