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A Proud Mom Moment!

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I was sitting here today at my desk, working away (I work from home). The windows are open and a bunch of neighborhood kids were playing outside after school.


I wasn't really paying attention, but then I heard my 6 year old daughter say "YOU CAN'T JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE THAT, TOMMIE! IT'S NOT RIGHT!"


I just asked her what she was talking about, and apparently her best friend, Tommie, is upset that my daughter is friends with a particular girl on the bus because apparently Tommie does not like said bus girl. When she told my daughter that she would not be friends with her anymore if she remains friends with Bus Girl, my daughter made the statement I'd heard through the window, above. She has been telling Tommie for days that she's sorry she doesn't like Bus Girl, but she (my daughter) likes her fine and will continue to be friends with both of them.


I was so proud of her for standing up for herself, and for what is right! Every once in a while we can see where our kids actually are learning and internalizing our teachings and our values, and it just feels good, you know? Wanted to share...

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