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Day Two Wearing Uniforms.......

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This IS working! We have tons of khaki pants, skorts, jumpers, shorts (for those warmer days) and knit polo shirts (LS and SS) -- DS and I 'found' them on Friday when we were 'cleaning' (we have accumulated many years of private school uniforms).


We began yesterday, and the kids and I are happy with how this has put some 'ease' into our mornings. I thought about it this morning, and my three have only worn uniforms from K on when they attended school outside our home (which has been MOST of their schooling ) --


I did notice when we were setting up our classroom that they need school to 'look, smell, act, and taste (Wednesday IS pizza day)' like school as they know it ---- so the uniforms are a good thing -- this is something to which they are accustomed.


Yea! :party: It's working!:D

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Good for you! Enjoy it. I remember doing this one year. Another time we had a school room set up in the garage. This was a huge garage and we laid wood floor on one side and built floor to ceiling shelves. I miss that garage!! We got up and enjoyed family breakfast time and then went to school... our garage was 20 feet from the house, so we walked to school.


I liked that when we were at school, the house stayed cleaned up! I had lots of bins of toys for my little ones in the garage.


Anyway, have a blessed week and thanks for sharing.

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...and I loved the story about 'walking' to school!



I'm missing something here...your homeschool has a uniform policy? :smilielol5:


Would you like 4 more students? :willy_nilly: I'm on my way to your house. :driving: Get the coffee started. :auto:


The coffee maker is always ready to go - it is prepared for the morning -- I just have to hit the big button on the, :001_huh: ummmmm, LEFT :D!


Yup - we have uniforms - someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone knew someone whose kids wore uniforms for homeschooling. I heard about it last year. I thought it was a great idea - especially since we have more khaki pants and knit polo shirts than we can shake a stick at...and with the laundry room out of commission for the time being (long story - water damage) and us going back and forth to the laundry, uniforms seemed to make alot of sense.......and, as I said, my kids have to have homeschool look, smell, taste (tomorrow is Pizza Day) just like the private school they attended -- we have school desks (rather nice ones) that we picked up for free from a nearby private school that was giving them away as they were getting new ones. I will try anything if I think it will work.


So, sure, bring the kids.....can you work a three hole punch?:lol:

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