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Anyone tour a glass blowing shop in Louisville or near by?

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A LONG time ago I remember reading about a plce in Louisville or Lexington where the public could watch glass blowing? Anyone know about this? We actually live in Cincinnati, so if you know anything good here, that would be great too.




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In Cincinnati too... :seeya:


It is in Louisville. My husband went there by accident for a wedding, it was in the same building.... I have no idea of the name, but at least you can know *which* city it was in.


I just noticed a glass blowing place on Hamilton Av. in Northside, last week. I was going to go in and see about if it was a good place to set up a tour, or tell people about. I also know a glassblower in town who agreed to do HS groups almost anytime, but the kids had to be at least 10 and only 4 kids max.


I have not followed up on it too closely, but now tat both my kids are old enough, I am sure to persue it soon.


anyway... toodles!

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This might be totally unhelpful...but at many Renaissance Faires there are glassblowers. And they usually have presentations throughout the day.


Of course, going to a Faire is much more expensive than going to a shop, but if you were going to go to a Faire anyway (they'll be over soon for the year) you can kill two birds with one stone.

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Yes, Glassworks has a nice film about how glass is made, then you can walk through galleries where architectural glass is being made, where small, hand-blown pieces are being made, and where the larger pieces are being made using a combination of twirling, blowing, re-heating, etc. You should call ahead and it's probably better to go on a day when several other groups will be in to assure that artists will be there working so you can see all three types of glass being made. They also often have exhibits up in the gallery that you can see.


Frazier Arms is a terrific museum to see, too! They are having a homeschool day the first week of November. I think their focus that day is pretty much just WWII, but they have tremendous info on medieval weaponry, too!


There's also Edison House in Louisville. It's small, but has great display info on some of Edison's inventions. (He lived there a short time.) It's not right downtown in walking distance, as the other things mentioned, but it's not too far away....


Falls of the Ohio State Park is right across the river from this area. They have terrific fossil beds and natural history displays, films, etc.

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Glassworks also has where you can sign up to blow your own Christmas ornament. I think they only do this in November/December. It is kinda of fun if you ever want to try glass blowing. It is highly controlled so you just pick the colors and blow into a metal tube. I don't remember what age you have to be, but I think 13 or older could do this.


There is the Louisville science museum, the frasier history museum and the Muhammad Ali museum and the Louisville Slugger museum and factory tour nearby.

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