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Mosquito control for outdoor gathering

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I've emptied all the little reservoirs of water in my yard but we still have tons of mosquitoes. Next week we are having a very informal gathering of friends and I expect folks will be in and out of the house all day. I would love to have the mosquitoes under control for at least while everyone is here. Any ideas? Are there products out there for this purpose?

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We hosted an outdoor wedding in late August. For such a significant event we really wanted the little buggers gone. We sprayed a mosquito spray the day before. Mosquitos hide in the shrubbery, so be sure to shake the bushes. And spray carefully around the bushes.


Check at Home Depot or Lowe's for a variety of products.


On the evening of the event, we had tons of citronella candles going. We also had a couple of bottles of insect repellant spray available for anyone who thought they were being eaten. No one used those.

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if you don't mind a chemical solution go and get CUTTER (brand name) Mosquito control...I think it comes in a blue bottle. You attach your hose to it and spray. It works WONDERS...no joke. Good for about 2 weeks in heavy mosquito season. We had a TERRIBLE mosquito problem to the point we could not bare to go outside.....UNTIL we found that wonderful spray. I prefer NOT to use chemicals but it was getting ridiculous.



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