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Anyone ever cure your allergies with vitamin C?

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A couple of weeks ago my allergies got very bad. I was sneezing constantly, had watery eyes, itchy ears, itchy mouth and was very congested. It slowly went got better but still lingers. It seemed like I reacted to everything I touched, ate or breathed! Yesterday I took a total of 3500 mg of vitamin C throughout the day and felt so much better. I've read that some people can take up to as much as 40,000 mg per day. Could this just be in my head or has anyone really helped their allergies with vitamin C? I was trying vitamin D but that didn't seem to help at all.

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I had REALLY bad allergies for almost a YEAR and NOTHING helped. I will spare you the details of just how bad I was. I took all the prescription stuff the doctor gave me including pills and nasal sprays, took OTC meds, and also tried some herbal, including larger doses of vitamin C (not as much as you took, though). I did not get one whit better - didn't improve at. all. (Although I do not doubt vitamin C works for some people). Trust me when I say I was totally miserable.


What helped me was NeilMed (one word just as I typed it). It is an OTC sinus rinse - and IT WORKS! I get it at CVS (name brand ONLY - generic brand not so good according to friend who recommended it). Where I live it costs $12.99 for the starter box which includes the bottle and 50 packets of "salts." The refill box contains 100 packets for the same price. You mix one packet with DISTILLED warm water and flush your nostrils with your head down. I prefer to do this in the shower because I think the steam also helps, but you can do it anywhere you have a sink to lean over.


In less than a week I was noticeably improved (remember I was extremely sick for close to a year - it would have been a year this month). In just a few more days, I was only using the NeilMed to be on the safe side! I haven't used it for the past five days and I don't need it!


I would highly encourage you to try NeilMed! I cannot say enough good about it!


I hope you feel better SOON! Allergies are awful.

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