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What do I need to purchase for Wheelock's?

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There seem to be a lot of components to this program. Are they all necessary?


The book itself stands alone, but if you want to add components, definitely consider the audio CD of readings from Wheelock, which has an excellent, professional speaker using the Classical pronunciation. Vocabulary, forms, and readings are included on the discs. They have samples on their site:



The 38 Latin Stories book by Groton and May also has very good supplementary readings.


There are also vocabulary lists and flashcards; you may want to wait to see if the ones that you make yourself will be sufficient. A lot of people really like the workbook and the study guide, but you may want to work through a few chapters to decide if you would benefit from using them.


The nice thing about Wheelock is that once you buy the main textbook, which is pretty affordable itself, then you are set for quite some time. The entire curriculum is contained within that one book, unlike other programs which are multi-volume. The supplementary materials are great to have, but you can pick and choose what you want.

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I use the vocabulary book every single day to quiz my seventh-grader. It gives *all* the vocabulary words that Wheelock's has covered in every lesson (for example, when you turn to the Chapter 4 words, you also see all the words from Chapters 1, 2, and 3). We also play the audio CDs very frequently in the car. I already had the workbook for some strange reason, so I have her do the workbook material as well.


These are all wonderful products that really help cement the material into the student's mind.

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