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What do I pay my friend for sewing for me?

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My middle daughter has trouble finding pants that fit her. If they fit her waist/bottom they are usually significantly too long for her. There is a woman in a homeschool group I attend who is gifted in sewing and she has agreed to hem several pairs of jeans/pants for my daughter as well as make slight alterations on a few other things. I let her know up front that I could not afford a "professional" seamstress and don't have the equipment but that I wanted to give her something toward her time/supplies. She said that she'd be glad to help me and for me to give her whatever I thought was reasonable.


ANY ideas on what to give her? A $ amount per piece? I think she has 3 pairs of pants, 1 jacket and the dress. Note that I specifically mentioned monetary compensation to the friend.


I really have no idea what is reasonable.

Please advise and I'll check back later.


Thank you!

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Thanks, Ladies! The alterations I gave her are simple, too. I wish I had a sewing machine to do them myself. I think I can still access those long ago files in my brain from Home Ec in high school. I lived during the time of kelly green and pink. Yep, I made a wrap around kelly green skirt with pink alligators. And I. wore. it. On multiple occasions. In PUBLIC! :lol:


Thanks for your input!

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