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Anybody here have a lot of knowledge about html codes?

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I am trying to make my smugmug site look really good as I start up this little photography business. I am pretty computer illiterate though. I know absolutely nothing about html code and code writing and all that. I really want to start by just creating a great looking banner for my page. I do know pretty much what I want it to look like but no idea how to get there. Can anyone recommend a site that will tell me the basics in easy to understand language? :D Thanks!!

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I am taking some basic web classes at our community college this term. We are not using a textbook. Instead, we are using these sites. You can always google "html banner" and see if you can find some code that works. Or, you can use a web template (I've heard you can get free ones here http://www.cmsimple.com/)


Good luck!



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I used to make websites a few years ago using HTML (before I discovered the joys of Frontpage). Knowing html is very useful. What you are describing sounds like a graphic design that will be inserted into html code. You might see if you can download PaintShopPro or a graphic design program to create the banner graphic and then inserting as html code is easy...just use the clipart image goes here code. You'll want to add code for the alignment (center, rt justified etc) and size an color. The html codes for this are easy to find on the net. You might be able to manipulate and add code to your page by viewing the code and inserting and saving but you would have to play with that because I'm not familiar with smugmug. To learn html, I used the Dummies book and it was easy but the net has a lot of good resources just a google away.

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