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MFW users: What do you do for LA?


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For my two third graders, we are using English for the Thoughtful Child. It's similar to PLL but in workbook format. My 6th grader is using ILL. He used EFTTC in 3rd grade also, followed by ILL in grades 4, 5 and 6. In grades 3&4 I supplemented with a simple grammar workbook, and in 5th grade we used Wordly Wise. This year he's using CLL Reading alongside (not every day), as I like the literary terms and teaching he's being exposed to. I use supplemental reading from Sonlight and Ambleside Online lists for all the boys.


I kind of based my choices on test scores and what areas were weakest. In 5th grade he tested PHS in the LA areas of the Stanford, so I am satisfied that this plan is rigorous enough for him. I have three other very different learners coming up, however, and will be adjusting as I go along for them.



mom to 6 great kids ages 6-19, schooling grades 1, 3, 3 and 6

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I use the MFW language arts sequence, except I stopped using Spelling Power after 5 years.


the unit studies in MFW include some language arts already. Then PLL and ILL, along with a phonics based spelling program, and formal writing, fill in the gaps nicely. Spelling Power worked fine for 5 years, but then all about spelling looked so neat, I wanted to try it.


I like PLL/ILL. My kids can do some of it orally. Some of it will provide both language and 'copywork" benefits. It covers a wide variety of language arts. Not a flashy snazzy workbook or anything. But that's ok. Nothing wrong with notebook paper either.


Is it rigorous enough? yes. But at the same time it doesn't wear us out so we have time to do other subjects too. It's like taking the express format classes of jazzercise: plenty of good stuff, but less time to be in the class.


I like the MFW recommendations for language arts and they fit us well. But if R&S is working for you and not getting you bogged down, you can keep using it. You might have to trim back on any specific day in language arts if the built in unit study language arts plus R&S (or even ILL for that matter) is just too much in one day.



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We are doing Adventures this year, and are all over the place with LA--


We did R&S Eng 2 (we have ONE MORE LESSON) and I'm glad we did. We started PLL about a month ago, and will work more intensively in that after we finish R&S 2. When we finish PLL, I'll pick up R&S Eng 3, but we will be taking a break from formal grammar for the year or so it will take us to do PLL.


I think PLL is complete for a season, but I want to have seasons of grammar as well--


I printed a spelling book off google books that is kind of like PLL--and we're doing that too. We're not doing it as much for spelling as just general LA practice--he likes it; it's really an extra right now. And we're doing Susan Wise Bauer's Writing With Ease book 2, but only 2 weeks per month--one week on, one week off.


We are doing Pathway Readers with workbooks, and will do CLE REading when we finish that.


Here is a pretty typical day of LA for my son (he's a 2nd grader, doing mostly 3rd grade work)--

Every day:

1) Reading--he reads a chapter from a Sonlight Readers 2 Int book and writes a summary sentence or 2--15 minutes;

2) R&S Spelling 2--this was a bad purchase, way too easy, but he wants to finish it--10 minutes;

3) R&S Eng 2--mostly orally--5 minutes

4) HWT cursive--5 minutes

5) Dictation (a trouble spot for him; if it's not part of WWE on that day, I pull a sentence from somewhere else)--5 minutes

6) Reading curriculum--Pathway and workbook--15 minutes


Writing--two weeks a month:

1) WWE book 2--5-15 minutes


Writing--the other two weeks per month:

1) PLL--5 minutes

2) Elementary Speller--5 minutes


Here is the link to the elementary speller:




I know it sounds like a lot, but we are REALLY working on reading and writing/narration/dictation this year; we spend about 45 minutes per day on LA. He was an early reader and I've spent the previous 2 years all over the map, trying to find a good fit, but I am THRILLED with our current lineup for the first time, and he is making a lot of progress and enjoying it---




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But if R&S is working for you and not getting you bogged down, you can keep using it. You might have to trim back on any specific day in language arts if the built in unit study language arts plus R&S (or even ILL for that matter) is just too much in one day.-crystal


:iagree: We use Winston Grammar but you could do portions of R&S orally.

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