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Cathy Duffy has a good explanation for at least FLL and EFTC. It's in her book, "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum." I just returned it to the library, but I'll try to sum it up. EFTC is not as rigorous when it comes to rules. It's more Charlotte Mason style and teaches with an ease that some more "hands-on" "wiggly" type might need. I believe that Cathy Duffy said that it eventually covers everything, but not at the pace that other curriculum offers. SHe recommended it if you didn't worry about what everyone else is learning and when. FLL is VERY rigorous in content, yet gentle in approach. I've seen and heard you either love it or hate it. We love it. Yet, I've only used it for 1st and 2nd, since they hadn't had the other versions when I needed them. I've used Abeka for later years and had found that we already knew things since we did FLL. I haven't done CW, so I can't say.

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