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Favorite American history book for outlining?


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I asked this a while ago and the two books that were recommended to me were:


National Geographic Almanac of American History


Children's Encyclopedia of American History (by the Smithsonian)


I haven't gotten either one yet, so I can't recommend one over another.


Hope this helps. And maybe someone will come up with some more suggestions as well.

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I was thinking to use this with my 6th Grader, What Every American Should Know about American History.


We already have a copy (it was a gift to dh when he became an American citizen :patriot: ), and I like that it has short sections with paragraphs I think ds will be able to tackle trying to write 1-sentence summaries.


We would be using it as a supplement, however, as it only touches briefly on those topics the authors think are important.

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We use the DK Children's Encyclopedia of American History for outlining, and it's fine. At this age you're just doing 1 sentence to a paragraph or maybe a couple subpoints for an advanced student. Even the Abeka4 book would work for that if you picked a finite section, say 5-6 paragraphs on one topic (Christopher Columbus, whatever).

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