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At a turning point with math, opinions please? :) (SM V. BJU)


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Okay, so its not a major turning point but, I would appreciate some direction, opinions, whatever!


I just finished up Singapore EB Math with my dd and I am ready to purchase the next level, Primary 1A. Actually, I have both the 1A & 1B workbooks but, I would still need to get the textbooks, HIG, and possibly the IP.


However, I am finding that I am torn as to whether I should move ahead with SM or move ahead with BJU math instead.


The majority of my dd's math lessons have been with SM and I have supplemented with BJU as well. She is about half done with BJU K and could easily move on to BJU 1 at this point.


I am thinking that it would probably be best to choose one and move ahead with that. I just don't know which to move ahead with. She loves either one and does well with either format.


I have great respect for SM and have heard (read reviews) so many good things about it, and I appreciate the attention given to conceptual understanding of math.


I also really like BJU math and have heard that it teaches conceptual understanding as well, just not exactly as SM though. I also have a sense of security teaching BJU math (I am a math phobic gal) because it appears more "traditional" in approach, reminds me more of how I learned math growing up. Not sure if that is really a good thing though!


Just not sure if I should get in the swing of things and really jump into SM, or go ahead with BJU and take comfort in the really thorough TM.



I talked to my DH about it and he said use both :confused1:.

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We are using both. My son finished 1B. He really liked Singapore but towards the end of 1B he seemed bored and he began to ask if there were other things that he could choose from. We looked around some and I did let him have some input primarily because he is very mature and he loves math. He is very math-bright. He enjoyed being involved in the decision and I listened to what he had to say. We settled on trying BJU and he has really, really enjoyed it. He is doing very well with it and never complains of being bored. I, however, finally "get" Singapore and I want him to continue with it. So, he uses BJU almost everyday but does Singapore every few days. My plan is to continue with BJU through this year and then determine if we will continue with it or just stick with Singapore. I would like him to just use Singapore because it is so good for children who are strong in math but he has really "clicked" with BJU. If he continues to love it, we will just stick with that. Regardless, I plan to continue Singapore "on the side." I know at some point this would be hard to do. I'm using two math curricula with my oldest and I know at some point you just don't have the time to do two.

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Thanks very much, Donna T.


Very interesting, I'll admit that I am most comfortable just trying to do both until I really know which path is best for us. I just think both programs are really great at his point. It's okay to do two programs, isn't it, lol! Maybe I will just get used to that idea. My DH was very serious when he said use both. He looked at both and was impressed with each.

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