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Have you bought the Fisher Price Precious Places Castle?

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My 5 year old is asking for this. We already have the Loving Family doll house, albeit a much older model. :p I'm thinking about getting the Castle for her for Christmas. Do you think it's too "young" for her? Thanks!


Since I've only got boys, I haven't bought that. But we do have a lot of Little People & Imaginext toys and they are played with in some form or another by my guys several times a week. The older 2 have even been using a Little People castle for something this week.


I'd say if she plays with the dollhouse and likes those types of toys, she'll pay with this quite often.

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Looks like something Miss M would like! (if it's the one linked). She is still playing with the Dance and Twirl castle she got last year. They put playmobile people with it too - but i'd be apt to buy something playmobile over more little people at this point.




I love little people though! LOL!!

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It doesn't look as sturdy as Little People. That would make it a pass for me.


And I don't do Playmobile either. Princess is still just too young, its too expensive. When the kids get to the point where they actually put their toys away instead of firing them over the couch (toybox is behind there, in the corner, but toys are all over the space behind the couch) I *might* consider it. Maybe. If I win lotto and can afford the dang things.

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