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Looking for an online writing instructor/someone to evaluate

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I am wanting to find a paid instructor online to evaluate dd's writing. She has great writing assignments through our curriculum, so I don't really want a writing "class". I'd like a situation where I could pay for the evaluation/guidance per the assignment, if that makes sense. Is there anything like what I'm looking for out there. I know I've seen some different posts on here. I'd like one that was tried and liked by others.



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Laurel Tree Tutorials


Originally on her site, it said $25 an hour to correct papers, but I cannot find that now. You have to email her to ask her.


My ds took her composition course last year. She was good about returning papers and finding errors. I found it a bit easy to get an A, but I am not sure how that translates to her individual paper correction.


If you try her once, it does not bind you for the rest of the year, so you can be the judge.

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Guest mscindy80

We have used writeathome.com and been very happy. Someone mentioned the pay-as-you-go program. Seems like it is about $18 for single draft papers but there are several options.

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