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Do you use k12 via charter school?


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Hi there!


We did an online charter school last year. We liked some parts of the experience, and other parts not as much. I did like that lessons were mapped out for me, since I was brand new to anything but public school, I had no idea which way to turn.

So the lessons and grading were set out for us. The supplies were nice, new books, a computer, and science kit supplies provided. Our charter school had fun outings for the kids to get together, and we met some wonderful families. Our online teacher was incredible and very supportive, we couldn't have done it without her.


What we didn't care for- most of the curriculum. I felt the math book was alright, and we did fairly well with that. The rest of the curriculum did not hold my son's interest at all, I felt a good portion of it was ridiculous, especially the music.

My son needs to go at his own pace and take time to really go over things. One of the original draws to this for us, was that they told us we could adapt it to our own pace and needs. We did that for the first part of the year and then quickly realized that if we did not go at their set pace we would not finish and son would not pass that grade. So in reality, you have to go at their preset pace (IMO). This was too much for my son.

Maybe another type of child it would be great for.

They told us it was very hands on- and (just my opinion) it was not.

We had to drive for almost a week to take the state proficiency tests. We drove about 1.5 hrs each way. They did make arrangements for the kids to swim after the test each day (held at a hotel) and that was nice and we met great folks that day.

We were informed that this year, ours would be requiring weekly 'scantron' testing, and with that taking at a minimum 1-2 hrs for my son each time, that would not work to add in every Friday. Last year I believe we did 4 of them.

All in all, it wasn't the perfect fit for us, and so this year we are giving it a try on our own, and trying to find a good fit. So far I am doing an eclectic mix, and still looking about for more ideas.

We did it for 5th grade. All the best!

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I used K12 independently for several years before a virtual academy became available in my part of California. We enrolled, but after a couple of months it was clear that it was not a good fit for us. While my kids had no trouble keeping up with the completion percentages and we had a wonderful teacher assigned to work with us, I didn't like having to focus on the progress bars as much. I didn't like having to stick with K12 math, and wasn't crazy about having to complete art and music during the week, instead of blocking it off in the summer.


The biggest issue was that I found it very isolating. We had no local homeschool group, and all the field trips offered through CAVA were far from our home. Our previous charter (the home study division of a site-based school) had very much been our educational community and support sytem, so we dropped CAVA and went back to our old charter.


This year, my oldest is enrolled in MNVA for high school, and she LOVES it. It's a perfect fit for her. She works completely independently and is done by about 1pm each day. I did not choose to enroll my younger two in MNVA though since I don't think it would fit them as well.


With all that said... I loved K12. My oldest used the complete curriculum from 1st - 4th, and then parts of it from 5th-7th, when she outgrew the courses offered at the time. She's an excellent writer and loves history and literature. She's using a combination of 9th and 10th grade K12 courses this year. My younger daughter, who has ADD, used K12 from K - 3rd, but couldn't keep up with the level of writing required in the courses beyond that. My older son used K12 in K and 1st.

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