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Post your best funny YouTube, etc. links here. I need a laugh!

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Dh is gone, and all my work is done. (Alright. Before the lightning strikes, I'll rephrase: All the work I'm willing to do today is done.) Right now, I'm reorganizing all the homeschool files on the computer, which is boring and could go on forever. Ptttht.


So. Post some funny stuff, folks. Please!

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You're in luck (well, I think so)! I had just started pulling some of my favorite funny youtube stuff onto my delicious page.


My dh and I had been watching DVDs of "A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie"; however, there were enough un-funny sketches that he didn't care to watch any more. I told him I'd find the all-funny ones on YouTube and let him know ;-) That's why there's more Fry and Laurie than anything else right now.



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Thanks, everyone! The ones I was able to watch were fun...the news ones and Fry and Laurie especially...LOL!


Of course, when a Mommy says she's BORED...well, that doesn't last long. I was interrupted by two sleepless (one sick, one sad) little people and there was no more time for bored after that. :(


I'm going to watch some more after bedtime tonight. Lord, I hope there will *BE* an after bedtime tonight.

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Sometimes a little ... ahem... inappropriate, but this woman cracks me up. Catherine Tate is the Carol Burnette of the UK. She has a character, "Lauren Cooper" who is a disrepectful wise-cracking mess, but who seems to get the better of her high school teachers on a regular basis. Many of her references repeat, so you sort of have to watch several to get the humor. Well, she cracks me up.


Lauren Studies the Periodic Table



Lauren in English Class



Lauren takes a French Oral Exam



Lauren meets Tony Blair



My kids insist she's NOT funny, so it's possible I'm just odd, too. LOL.

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I realize it's a terrible crime to post without reading the whole thread or see all the other videos but I just can't help myself!


Flight of the Conchords is a hilarious singing duo although many of their songs are adult-only. Here's one that is OK for anyone (well, with the exception of one bad word now that I listen to the whole thing closely) and particularly appropriate for this forum:


Frodo, don't wear the ring!



And I loved Brotherhood 2.0 and am a bit sad their video blog project is over:


Accio Deathly Hallows


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The little girl standing next to him looked like she was about to cry at one point, poor kid. Notice how the person filming is laughing so much that the camera is shaking, LOL. What an intense kid, looked like he was about to 'splode from excitement.

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Here is the Stop It video that someone posted on the boards previously and
and a Berlitz ad.


Bob Newhart, that is (although Momsense and the Berlitz ad are great, too). It's all I can do now to look people in the eyeball and say "STOP IT," 'cuz I know they probably haven't seen this and it won't mean the same thing to them...but I *think* it.

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