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$ to order Latin...should I go with PL, LL, or SSL?


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The dc I'll be teaching are 8, 9, and 11 yo.


As for what I like/need as a teacher: I know zero Latin...I need teaching materials that are well laid out (organized), well explained, & I don't have to do prep work. Pronunciation CD's or DVD's are necessity.


I want Latin to be fun, but I do want us to actually learn the material easily also.


The only Latin program I have any experience with is LFC A. My daughter did it independently, so that was minimal. (Loved the fun chants, though) I wasn't totally clear on the teaching on the DVD's with LFC. The only other experience I have will be with FFL this year. Haven't tried it yet.


PL looks orderly and easy...I like that. It has DVD's, which are a plus. But, common complaints are that it is dry and boring, but useful.


LL sounds fun, but is it complicated to print, etc? Do they have pronunciation CD's? If it's complicated, it won't work for us.


SSL seems right down my two girls' alley...they LOVE songs. But, my 11 yo ds would HATE the songs...he's not into music. My bet is he would call it way too babyish anyway. I do need to keep them together with Latin...teaching 6 takes up so much day, kwim?


So, out of the above, what d'ya think? :D

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Song School Latin and Prima Latina are both designed for K-2nd graders. They really aren't for middle and upper elementary. You could maybe get away with Prima, because it isn't babyish, but it will move VERY slowly for children that age. SSL is a bit babyish, and while you might be able to get away with it for an 8yo (though they wouldn't learn much Latin -- just a few scattered words), I doubt you could convince the older ones.


I've used and liked Prima and SSL both -- for child of about 4-6 years old. But I wouldn't use SSL over age 6 or 7, or Prima past about 7 or 8.


If those three are your options, I'd definitely go with Lively Latin.

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LL doesn't have to be complicated. There are suggestions for printing it out and filing it in different sections of a binder. This makes for trickier printing because you can't always print front & back (and its a BIG BOOK, I can't imagine it printed one side only). For us, it worked to just use it all in order and keep it that way as if working through a workbook :) It is open & go.


With the audio, I moved it to my daughters mp3 player so she could practice anytime.


I just got LfC to try out. Try as I might, I cannot find a way to justify doing this LOL We liked Lively Latin and it was working great, I guess I just thought the grass might be greener lol Its the DVDs that draw me to it I think. Its what drew me to Prima Latina, but I found that, well.....dry and boring :D I also couldn't get past the southern accent :o


LL is definitely worth a try if LfC isn't working for you.

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We are loving LL around here. The kids actually ask to do more and my 8yr olds have increased their vocab a ton! Very, very pleased.


I print it out a lesson at a time but also have the hard copy which I bought for me. It's hasn't been too much of a pain.

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