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Google Voice, s/o cheap long distance

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We'd been using Skype, but switched to Google Voice... first, the person on the other end doesn't need to have Google Voice in order to make free calls to them (as with Skype); second, you make the calls from your regular phone, not from the computer or a phone connected to the computer (as with Skype).


Making calls with GVoice is most akin to using a calling card: you dial a number (your own local GVoice number) and then the number you're calling... as long as it's in the US, it's free.


But it has other interesting functions... if people call your GVoice # and leave a voicemail, you have the ability to access the voicemails from a computer, but in addition, GVoice will *transcribe* the call and email the transcription to your email address! So if you're on vacation, you can get online and see if anyone called you and if so, either listen to the call or read the transcription.


*Or*, if you really want to be available, you can forward calls to your Google Voice to your cell phone or the place you're vacationing! All for free. It really is an amazing communications product. And no, I do not work for Google nor am I being compensated for this post. :-) We are just very big fans of GVoice, especially its free long distance from our regular phones.

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