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Does the audio of First Start French 2 have the same voice as with FSF 1?


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We were happy to hear that eventually FSF 1's audio will be redone since the voice for the audio now speaks too quickly and is hard to catch. I don't have a background in French so the audio component is very important to us. I had planned on using FSF 2 with dd when we finish 1. Dd was asking if the same voice is used for the audio for FSF 2? Can anyone compare this for me?


Thanks so much!

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I do check in fairly frequently, but not every day, so sorry. Yes, there is a different voice on audio 2, and pauses were supposed to be incorporated. You probably won't believe this, but I'm still waiting to get MY finished edition of the set--Memoria handled all recording and production, so I haven't heard it yet in final form. I don't have much influence over who they choose for recording, but the editor & publisher there were very excited, and well aware of the difficulties people had with audio 1.


I think audio 1 was not recorded with pauses as pauses would have pushed it on to more than one cd. Not sure what the current state of cd recording is compared to (eek!) just two years ago!


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