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Graduate school update. I am adding another class.......

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My school (what do you call graduate school? College? Graduate School? School) has a "bridge term". This is an opportunity after a term is underway to add a needed class. It "bridges" from part of this semester, over the Christmas (I go to a Christian school and so we can call it that) holiday and into the next term slightly.


If you are doing well in your current classes and your Academic Adviser approves, you can enroll in the bridge term.


My academic adviser and I decided yesterday to add "Individual Counseling". Since I have already given up one night of outside work, this won't change things too much for the kids. They attend Tae Kwon Do/Youth Group on Wednesdays anyway and are away from me for a couple of hours. I'll be back in time to pick up the Youth Group kids and take our extra attendee home and chill @ home with the kids before bed.


I'll be taking 12 credits. I started with 9, having been out of the formal academic setting since the 80's.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE graduate school. Today, because of our exposure to swine flu and symptoms, we are staying away from people. (I closed my school for the day). I'll be grading homeschool papers for the end of our first term and working on my own work. My next exam is a paper - analyzing and critiquing a research study done on the father's role and experience in having a young adult child with schizophrenia.

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That's awesome Joanne! It sounds like you have found a great fit at your school. I'm really happy for you.


My dh's brother has schyzophrenia. I'm curious as to what that study says. Dh's parents are (bitterly) divorced and anytime there is an issue with bil, and there have been many lately, the old argument of is dad/mom doing enough to help comes up. Schyzophrenia is a b!&ch.

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