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What are you reading aloud with your children?

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Prince Caspian

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Farm

The House at Pooh Corner

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Lots of library books....just made a trip yesterday in fact :)


We're listening to Farmer Boy narrated by Cherry Jones -- Mommy just can't beat her -- and have On the Shores of Silver Lake ready to go...(had to do it out of order or else wait forever for the list to move up at the library...)

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We just finished Black Beauty and started Emily's Runaway Imagination. Both were titles Ariel pulled off the shelf herself and asked me to read to her. (And during an OPG lesson, she had to put a card on "a book that looks like it would be good" - I found it sitting on top of Black Beauty that evening.)

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Pinocchio with oldest

My Side of the Mountain with middle

Horrid Henry with youngest

(although everyone listens most of the time anyway)


Audio book for the car: CD set of the first 8 Magic Treehouse books. I wish our library had a larger children's audio collection. We need more fodder for hour-long round trips to piano.


Picked up a 2001 copy of Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook at the library and found so many books I wasn't aware of. I want to start reading them all immediately. :001_smile:


Erica in OR

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Sophie's World.

I am over it, personally and wouldn't have finished it..but the kids...well, teens...are enjoying it and want me to finish it.

Next...I think I will go for a good science fiction like a Bradbury or Asimov or Arthur C CLarke.

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