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Help me decide how to group my dc's next year!

Frontier Mom

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Let me start with what we do well and I like. We use Bob Jones Math and like it. Will continue next year except oldest will do Jacobs Algebra.


Oldest is doing Omnibus I this year and I expect to use II with him next year. He has stayed up in the reading and we enjoy the discussion, even though I think we miss a little without a group setting. However, overall this has been a good fit.


CW for the Older Beginners - I just started this with two oldest. This will take us through most of next year also and I will add poetry if time.


CW Aesop for 9 year old. We just started so same as above.


My youngest isn't doing much now except Math, reading to me, copywork, handwriting and LCI. We are not doing history or science together, except what she picks up from older dc's.


I am doing Henle Latin with older two and LC I with younger two. This works OK.


Here is my issue - History and Science with younger three. I have SOTW, all 4 books and AG. We have done Ancients and want to move ahead. Would you do with all 3 younger ones, add something for some or what?


Although my 2nd is technically going to be 7th grade next year, I do not feel very confident in his reading level so I am not sure he can do Omnibus I. Thinking of starting that the next year.


I think I could plan better if I knew how to combine. Can someone give me advice, suggestions, etc.

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Well, I have 4 children sorta in the same age range as your 3 younger children. They're 11, 10, 8, and 5. My plan is to do Biblioplan with my children for history. It uses SOTW, Kingfisher, and Usborne along with other books. I'll also use Noeo Biology 2. It's for ages 9-12, or grades 4-6. My thought is to simply let my 5 yo listen in and not ask much of him. I'll have my 11 yo do extra writing in both history and science.


Another thought is to use the SOTW as your base for history. Have your 11 yo read from Kingfisher, library books, and from the WTM 6th grade reading list (Medieval). Your 11 yo can also write narrations about history as recommended in Classical Writing.


Best of luck! :)

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