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Please pray for me. I've never asked here like this but I'm a mess.

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praying for you. When that happens here (oh, that's right, it's happening here right now - lotsa stuff going on) my prayer is for the Lord to bind whatever is causing those thoughts/emotions in me and pour His spirit of peace and calm and faithfulness over me. I will be praying that for you.

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I feel this way at times and I think as a mom, it is harder as you feel like you have to put on a front that everything will fine and I tend to internalize my fears and concerns...it can be overwhelming. I find that exercise or walks outside help to relieve my anxiety somewhat...I'm praying for you to be at peace.

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Romans 5.....read Romans 5...


to help you feel you have company I'll share a snippet of the past two years.


2 house payments 28 months and counting, dh working 2 jobs from 7am-8pm and on weekends, dd misdiagnosed threw her into health crisis-9 months of 15 specialists 7 ER visits 12 antibiotic rounds endless shouts of pain and sobbing hearing "I hate my life, why me?" and she's only 10, having to cry on the phone to the state of AL for not sending our tax refund and hearing "no law requires us to send it to you at a certain time"..we desperately needed it that month to pay the 2nd mortgage..dh's moonlight contract job was stalled for a month....we were rear ended by an 18 year old (most likely texting) going 50mph and we were stopped making a turn...totalled his car, the worst child hurt was you guessed it, the 10 year old with all the problems, my grandmother fell and broke her hip, went through lung cancer resection, my father had major surgery in February, then 3 months later my mother had emergency surgery, our dog of 15 years died, I was bit by a brown recluse, our air conditioner needs to be replaced (in Alabama, that's a crisis :))...the new wood floors I stained/finished myself have buckled from moisture under our house...our horse has an abscess that needs a year to grow out to be able to safely ride her..we hate cats and have had 2 sets of kittens find us in the past 3 months, finding homes for them has been a challenge....I'm too tenderhearted to send them to a shelter...


So....through all this...I actually can REJOICE!! It's almost a funny farm rejoicing, but I honestly have given the burdens to God. I know that He is showing us not to rely on ourselves but Him...I used to think with all the moves we had to undertake and extra expenses (moved with the job market) that we could not afford 10% tithing...well having 2 house payments totalling almost 50% of our income, I now see that we could have easily afforded the 10% and what a fool I was for not trusting in Him. Even on months where we had NO idea where the money was coming from..it came. God does not want us to fret over money, yes we should be good stewards but He ultimately wants us to trust IN Him and believe in His plan for us...through all these 'burdens' I rest in Him..I hope you find that rest and no that it is a safe place to be where you can find joy and hope.



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Praying for you.


I hit a big crisis on the weekend. I called SpecialMama, sobbing my heart out. She said something that I think is worth passing along to you. (Apologies to SpecialMama if the wording isn't exact)


God is the Father. He is the only one that can be counted on at all times. It is His strength you can rely on at all times. All you need to do is ask Him for it, ask Him for his support, and it will be gladly given.


Of course, what she didn't say but that I've discovered on my own, is that God's plans and support aren't always mine. Things work out, but not always in the way I thought they should/would. There were times I didn't know how I would ever get through...and it was God that did it.


Prayers for you. :grouphug:

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Thank you so very much!


I can't tell you what this means to me. I had been weepy since Tues. night and didn't sleep well (about 3 hours of tossing & turning.) Then Wed. morning, I was even more weepy but within a couple hours of posting, the weepiness really lessened. Thank you, God!


It is hard to see what to do when I am crying! Everything is all blurry. :)


I wish I had the time to thank EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.

Please know that you are all in my prayers and good thoughts, my dear WTM friends.

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:grouphug: Praying for you, Unsinkable!


If you can, please get some extra sleep. Can you take a nap, even a short one? Sometimes when we are tired, we don't even realize how tired we are -- and how much that fatigue is shaping our perspective. Your circumstances probably won't get any better or worse within one hour, but if you can sleep, you might have some more energy to tackle these issues, one step at a time. HTH!

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