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Has anyone had any experience with Robinson Curriculum?


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I bought it thinking it was going to work so well for us. It was before I brought the girls home to teach. It was going to set them on their own. I could do this. I wouldn't have to worry about how much patience I had each day for teaching. I even got a new printer that was easy on ink. :001_smile: I printed out a book for each of them to afterschool the girls.


But then when I was actually faced with them being home (before they actually were home), I decided I wanted that interaction with them. I wanted to sit down at the table and teach them. I bought something else and that worked great. I haven't looked back. I also haven't sold the Robinson Curriculum either.


All that to say I haven't really used it. From what you are saying though, it sounds like it would be a good fit. The RC is basically a great book list but has the text for the books included. You can print the books, you can buy the books, you can also just read them off the screen.


For the most part though, you could do it other ways. The Well Educated Mind would seem to give you the same thing except for having to buy the books or get them from the library.

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go to this website (for the Well Educated Mind) and scroll down to the section on self-education. There are two articles that address the issue of how to improve your own education. This would be excellent for you to read. The article by Susan is a bit old, so some curriculum ideas might have changed, but overall, I think it is useful. Also, the Well Educated Mind is an excellent book that teaches how to read a book and offers a lifetime of reading pursuits.

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