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Have you used magnetic paint?

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I, unfortunately, was not all that pleased. I used about 4 coats of magnetic paint and then painted the wall color over the top. It worked OK for lighter magnets, but it wouldn't work for our Fridgits, which was why we did it in the first place.


So, I would say it depends on what you would like it for. Magnetic numbers and letters stuck without a problem.



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I just did a mural on my son's wall and part of it has magnetic paint under it. I did about five coats. The man who sold it to me that you really need at least four, and the more coats you put on it, the better magnets stick. We only put on refrigerator-type magnets which work splendidly.



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We bought some too to use in the schoolroom. Used approx. 4 coats then covered it up with blackboard paint. I thought it would be awesome to have a magnetic blackboard that I could use! The blackboard paint works great- I love it! The magnetic paint barely holds any magnets- only the really strong ones. Big disappointment! I'd save your money and skip on this purchase...

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