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Latin Prep Bk 1 Vocab Activities


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Here is a link to my Latin Prep Bk 1 Ch 1 vocabulary study stack: Latin Prep Vocab Study Stack


This study stack will generate all sorts of activities such as matching, crossword, flashcards etc.


The data lends itself better to some activities than others.


If anyone uses it and sees some mistakes or has some suggestions to improve the stack, let me know and I'll edit it. I'm new to this!


I hope to add the next three chapters worth of vocab shortly and then will add as we go. Hope this can benefit some other Latin Prep users! :)

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Guest Fe2h2o

I'm just about to start LP 1 myself, ahead of my son starting in a bit... I was looking around for 'extra' bits, and came across this. I've just been looking through your study stack for chapter 1, and found that number 19 (sagitta, arrow) appears to be reversed (English and latin).

Other than that, it looks great! Thanks so much for your efforts!




(Sorry to post publicly, I'm still learning this forum, and I haven't worked out where the private messages are as yet...)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! you are amazing!

This is amazing. My boys and I just did several games. We enjoy it. Era much. Please keep up the good work. You Re highly appreciated!

By the way, is there a way to covert the Latin Prep noun case orders to nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and ablative? We will finish Lively Latin very soon and I am looking forward to Latin Prep with much excitement. I should join the Yahoo group, too.

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