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Homeschool share has a new section for the workboxes. I'm not doing workboxes, but I found a nice insect classification game there. I, also, found a months of a year print out. Oh and some insect dominoes (we glued these to cereal boxes and they dried today..he can't wait to play tomorrow).


My 1st grader is not independent. But, I'm finding I need some things to keep him busy while I'm with someone else. If I don't he will end up wandering off. He gets into "trouble" :D easily. But, I'm looking for educational things. He loves this kind of stuff.


I like the idea of having a few things I can put together that are related to what we are studying or that hit on things a young boy needs to learn anyway.

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the computer is good for that. We were using the computer anyway, but when it is done is dependent on circumstances. He has Earobics, ETC Online, Quartermile Math (btw $15 for a 1yr subscription for all 3 levels!), Literactive, Starfall (not so much).


Puzzles, US/World maps, file folder games, wrap-ups, etc also.


I can't think much this morning. LOL.

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Some other things I place in ds's boxes on a rotating basis:

---Geosafari Phonics Leap Pad

--- Attribute blocks and picture pages

--- Tangrams

--- Lace up boards

--- light brite

--- stencils to trace or use push pins to poke holes through

--- play doh tray w/ roller and cookie cutters

--- Don't break the ice - 4 in a Row game - etc.

--- words for him to type on the computer

--- SL's science and mathtacular DVD's

--- computer games

--- File Folder Fun website has games I print off and put together for him

--- I use Enchantedlearning.com to print off booklets/sheets for him

--- whiteboard w/ things to copy to it

---- watercolor paint and either paper or printed pics

--- beads or colored macaroni to string and pearler beads to create pictures

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