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The water has been turned off for the past 4 hours and I have about 24 more to go...

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unfortunately I didn't have much time between notice and the actual turning off so I only got a few pitchers, one stationery tub adn one bathtub filled. How will 7 people survive like this. My 7 yo ds so needs a bath - he smells! I wish I belonged to health club or somewhere to shower. Ick.

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I'm so sorry about the water being off! That must be frustrating and discouraging. Here's a thought: If you have a truck stop in your city, they often have showers. Maybe your husband could take the 7 year old?


If you have a Y (YMCA/YWCA) in your city, you might try calling and explaining the situation to see if you could use the showers.



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